“As spiritual beings, we are capable of experiencing, in everyday life, the very essence of who we truly are. To reach that point, we must be ready to journey within, to connect with our inner self, to embrace it fully and to be guided by it. This is the work and the fun of hypnotherapy.” – Camille Lione, CHt.

For those of us in search of clarity and truth, hypnotherapy can help us to delve deeper into our subconscious minds and allow healing and insight to occur through vibrational/intentional methods.

Our thoughts actually have a vibration, a frequency just like sound. As our thoughts are carried upward, we actually “manifest” our lives—we bring onto the earth realm our own emotional and physical reality. This is part of the quantum physics theory gaining so much recognition today by scientists in documentaries such as The Secret.

Hypnotherapy and Integrated Energy Therapy are two of the most powerful modalities known for accessing subconscious thoughts and freeing the soul’s truth.

Hypnotherapy is a cleansing act, reversing the negative thoughts adversely affecting our lives. Using Integrated Energy Therapy, clearing of the etheric body (pain body), and the cellular clearing of our physical bodies, can be done painlessly by calling the Angels (asking for the angels’ assistance through the Angelic realm).

My own quest for clarity, truth and healing started as a child and continued throughout my school years. Later, when I traveled the world, I searched for beliefs that fit my way of thinking. A rebel at heart, I did not buy into much of what I was told by authority figures in my church, at Catholic school, or from western medicine doctors. This rebelliousness eventually led me to explore “alternative” forms of healing and my soul feels very at home as a clinical hypnotherapist and a master instructor of I.E.T., where I am able to use my healing voice.

Through the HypnoMiracles CDs, clients are able to access this healing and the powerful modalities of Hypnotherapy and Integrated Energy Therapy in the privacies of their own home.

My mission statement is also my intentional prayer: “Send me wherever I am called, to whomever needs my service, to assist in healing on the Earth.”

Camille Lione, CHt, IET

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